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Fractured in Alterac Valley

Welcome to MemorizeHS, Hearthstone's first quiz site! You can do quizzes or take a look at the statistics of cards (generated by you, the quiz takers).

We are currently in the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion.
As the game expanded over the years more and more cards get added to the game. The sheer amount of information to keep track of is for many people overwhelming. With MemorizeHS you can train to get better at remembering Hearthstone cards.

We think there are a total of three important reasons why you should use this site:

First, it helps your deck building abilities, since you will find not-so-obvious synergies (Missile Launcher & Venomizer for 8 mana board wipe, or Meat Wagon and a magnetic card to "control" the recruiting of the deathrattle effect).

Second, it helps you with your actual gameplay (like the Meat Wagon example). It is also very important to know what removal options your opponent has at various mana costs to play around them.

Third: You landed here because you want to improve yourself. You can do this by repeating quizzes (through "Rote learning ") wherever you are and whenever you want.

Predefined quizzes are coming 2021.
Contact me if you want and how to get your predefined quiz added when this feature launches.
 [email protected]

How are you doing?

Top 10 cards you remember easily:

Molten Giant (Legacy) (98.67 %)

Conceal (Legacy) (98.63 %)

Lay on Hands (Legacy) (98.63 %)

Hex (Legacy) (98.59 %)

Adaptation (98.59 %)

Dinosize (98.57 %)

Galvanizer (98.57 %)

Reincarnate (98.51 %)

Fan of Knives (Legacy) (98.48 %)

Archmage Antonidas (Legacy) (98.46 %)

Top 10 cards you struggle to remember:

Man-at-Arms (44.44 %)

Stage Hand (46.67 %)

Warsong Outrider (Core) (50 %)

Contraband Stash (50 %)

Stubborn Suspect (50 %)

Arcane Luminary (53.85 %)

Wyrmrest Purifier (55.56 %)

Line Hopper (57.14 %)

Forest Warden Omu (57.89 %)

Fairground Fool (57.89 %)