The goal of this site is to be a valuable learning resource for new and old Hearthstone players alike. As the game expanded over the years more and more cards get added to the game. In early 2019 the game broke through the 2000 cards milestone, and Blizzard aims to release a bit more than 400 cards a year. The sheer amount of information to keep track of is for many people overwhelming. With MemorizeHS you can train to get better at remembering Hearthstone cards.

Why should you use this site?

We think there are a total of three important reasons why you should use this site:

First, it helps your deck building abilities, since you will find not-so-obvious synergies (Missile Launcher & Venomizer for 8 mana board wipe, or Meat Wagon and a magnetic card to "control" the recruiting of the deathrattle effect).

Second, it helps you with your actual gameplay (like the Meat Wagon example). It is also very important to know what removal options your opponent has at various mana costs to play around them.

Third: You landed here because you want to improve yourself. You can do this by repeating quizzes (through "Rote learning ") wherever you are and whenever you want.

How does it work?

The website will generate for you an endless amount of quizzes out of thousands of combinations which you can answer. One answer is correct, the other two answers - which are also dynamically created - are incorrect. Depending on the difficulty you choose there are fewer "pieces of card information" available which make guessing the correct answer harder. You can filter your quiz by expansion, by standard or wild. You can choose from three difficulties or even focus on a specific card type like weapons.

On the technical side, we're getting the images and all the data from Hearthstone Game Data APIs . A huge THANK YOU to Blizzard for the great service!

# Rank Success Streak
10 Angry Chicken 5
9 Murloc Raider 10
8 Sorcerer's Apprentice 15
7 Raid Leader 20
6 Ogre Magi 25
5 Frostwolf Warlord 50
4 Ancient of War 75
3 Mountain Giant 100
2 The Black Knight 200
1 Legend 300

Success Streak

Doing quizzes over and over again will get you bored at some point. If you need some long-term goal to work towards, then this feature might be of interest to you. Obviously, a leaderboard would make no sense since all card data is available out there and it would be just a matter of time to get the longest success streak.

Optimized For Mobile Devices

This site is primarily optimized for mobile devices. This means that regardless of screen size and screen resolution the website will adjust to your phone/tablet/etc. Now you can easily do quizzes on your smartphone and get better at Hearthstone while waiting for the bus or sitting at the toilet. Life has never been easier!

No Ads - Forever!

Since this is primarily an educational site, we don't intend to deface it with any kind of ads. Our focus is to have a clean and clear site that works very well on any device. Depending on the popularity of this site I might sometimes ask for donations for server/traffic costs, but nothing invasive.
Also, no one likes ads.


Nobody is perfect. And the site is far from being done and never touched again.
So if you have any feedback to improve this website, feel free to contact me at  [email protected].